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Let’s be honest, we all have our crazy obsessions. Eating peanutbutter sandwiches for weeks in a row till you can’t see any brown liquids anymore, listening to your favorite song on repeat till you are seriously suffering from a chronic earwurm or spending hours on instagram to stalk this cute actor you are heavily crushing on. Sounds familiar?

We often have these strange fascinations we’re going nuts with for a certain amount of time. Most of the times, these fascinations have something to do with pretty colors, interesting shapes, inspiring design movements or just are cool from an artistic point of view. To give you guys a little insight to our world of obsessions we decided to write a little story on this blog every month. So come surf with us on our pastel colored brainwaves!

Did we ever tell you that we used to live in London for half a year? It truly was the best time of our lives! Two years ago, we lived together in a tiny house in the middle of Shoreditch. During the weekdays we were working at our internships: two design studios focused on textiles. But in the weekends we explored the city! We wandered around in the coolest neighbourhoods, visited museums and art galleries, tried out every french toast dish in the city and went to all design shops we could find. Our brains were continuously getting creative sensation and lots of our first ideas were born here.

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However, some time ago we realized we were feeling uninspired. The small cities (and country) we live in do not give us new impulses. In our search for inspiration we often go to websites like Pinterest, but although the main purpose of Pinterest is to inspire new and creative ideas, it in many ways actually hurts creativity. Users can sit back and let the clever ideas roll in without ever having to think outside the box. These great, original ideas are pinned to millions of boards of designers, brands and individuals, but many of them don't put their own unique spin on it. In the end, everyone sees the same stuff, resulting in less creativity and unique ideas.

The only way to wriggle round these “toxic” ways of getting inspiration is to go offline and explore new inspiring places. And that’s exactly what we are going to do! We booked a ticket to New York, which was high on our “go-to” lists since like forever.

One of our first memory’s of the well known images of New York are from Sex And The City. When we were in high school and the first movie came out, we decided to watch the series for the first time and we were immediately hooked! We were about 14 years old and seeing these four women living their life exactly the way they wanted in this amazing big city, was a freeing and comforting thought for us. We couldn’t wait to be old enough to run around in some fabulous pair of heels in a big city our selves. In a way we looked up to them. It was so  inspiring to see how they portrayed the women, since they weren’t restricted by anything or anyone.  


The show was groundbreaking in the 90’s, introducing topics like age, being single in your 30’s and sexuality so openly on television. Today the show gets criticized for painting a narrow view of a city that's one of the most diverse in the world. Some of the episodes are indeed outdated and the show certainly has its flaws, but at the time it showed us a picture of four independent, professional women who spoke openly about their desires and created the life they wanted for themselves. Therefore we will always love it!


Aaaand when you say Sex And The City, you can’t ignore talking about the fashion! The show has some really good iconic fashion moments which are definitely already a reason enough to watch and to take notes. Carrie Bradshaw will always be an icon, she wasn’t just fashionable, but she really embodied personal style. She wore everything with such an amazing confidence and really had fun with dressing herself. So as you will understand now, we absolutely needed to bring a little ode to Carrie in this month’s series, alongside two other icons of New York!

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