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Let’s be honest, we all have our crazy obsessions. Eating peanutbutter sandwiches for weeks in a row till you can’t see any brown liquids anymore, listening to your favorite song on repeat till you are seriously suffering from a chronic earwurm or spending hours on instagram to stalk this cute actor you are heavily crushing on. Sounds familiar?

We often have these strange fascinations we’re going nuts with for a certain amount of time. Most of the times, these fascinations have something to do with pretty colors, interesting shapes, inspiring design movements or just are cool from an artistic point of view. To give you guys a little insight to our world of obsessions we decided to write a little story on this blog every month. So come surf with us on our pastel colored brainwaves!

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Confession time! Every morning when I take the train to our art studio, I NEED to grab the free newspaper. Not to read about Holland’s biggest star who has got a new haircut or other important things that have happened in the world. No, instead I immediately turn the pages to the very last one: the horoscope page. To be honest, before I do this, I quickly look around if someone is watching me. Am I ashamed of my strong urge to read what the stars are telling me? 

I should not be! 

For many years astrology and horoscopes went a bit to the background. But in the last few years, for some reason it has gotten a certain coolness among millennials. Maybe it’s the stressful, data-driven era we’re living in that causes the popularity of the zodiac lately. Especially among young people there’s a growing interest, even though they often don’t even believe in it. People tend to turn to mysticism and spirituality in uncertain times, as a coping device. And, especially young people are nowadays growing up in one of the most uncertain times ever, which probably results in an increasing willingness to question the arranged order and look for answers elsewhere. Astrology offers those in crises the comfort of imagining a better future. Humans are narrative creatures and astrology can give them a story to think about. Astrology predictions function as comforting magic to hold on to until you realize you could fly on your own all along.

Maybe the interest in spiritual practices and mindfulness among young people is growing thanks to the many zodiac memes on social media. Horoscopes are literally everywhere, often linked to fashion and lifestyle. Because, who doesn’t want to know his or hers sign as a Bowie outfit?! (Click on photo for article).

It’s all part of a broader shift, one that finds magic and mysticism referenced regularly in popular culture. In the fashion world, labels such as Vetements, Valentino and Schiaparelli have featured zodiac signs, constellations and cosmic patterns, followed by the high street brands copying the trend.Take for example the Zodiac sign print dress by 'Réalisation Par’, a label known for its cult status and iconic cool-girl imagery, that continuously produce pieces worn and loved by it-girls globally. 

Interior designers have been searching the skies for inspiration as well. Think zodiac patterns, star-strewn plates, galaxy murals, galactic surfaces and cosmic tile work. From subtle hints to all-out tributes to the night sky, celestial motifs have been shooting across fashion and interiors. Moon cycle banners, trendy astrology books, planetary plates and zodiac journals.. it’s a thing!

So, want to bring the force of the universe and its stars to your home? We’ve got you covered! This months exclusive series consists of 12 limited prints for each zodiac sign, that will only be available for purchase this month! A very personal print that brightens up your wall, fridge or bedside table!

Love, Nienke & Amanda

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