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Nienke Mulder and Amanda Swart are the design duo behind French Toast Studio. Graduated as illustrators from the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2017, they use illustration to form the world of French Toast: a world in which their interests in fashion, interior, art and styling come together. Their products tend to be an extension of their drawings. They let their illustrations come alive by turning them into 3D objects, that still keep their 2D feel. That is what their work characterizes, as well as their use of color. 

Meeting at the academy they found out that they share a love for beautiful color palettes and everything patterned. The idea of their first collaborative product, ‘Lazy Plant’, came from their big love for plants and flowers, but the missing green thumbs to keep them alive. Fun fact: this first collaboration was born whilst eating some delicious french toast. That day, not only their very first product was born, but also their addiction to this sugary piece of heaven. It became a tradition to do brainstorm sessions over breakfast with coffees and french toast.

Lots of ideas followed, which made them to decide to officially join forces and of course, it could not have been any other way: they named it ‘French Toast Studio’.

French Toast was founded with the ambition to create interior and fashion objects that can be treated as pieces of art. It’s an eclectic collection of things they love, pieces that are one of a kind and made to last. Nienke & Amanda don’t want to take part in the oversaturated market, but instead create sustainable and well designed products that are made with love and care. French Toast Studio aims to embrace uniqueness with every product they design and to create products that bring some extra sparkles to your home! 

Next to designing their own prints and products, they are very open for collaborations. They worked together with e.g. Hudson’s Bay Netherlands, to produce custom-made Lazy Plants as decoration for their department stores. You can always contact them for request or special demands.